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-Coffee: Lifeline


My journal is friends only. I love having friends on my FList, I just would like to know who is reading my personal RL stuff.

SO if you wanna be added, just leave a comment here and then add me and I'll add you back ASAP. I'd love to have you. :)

If you're interested in my creative sides, I have a creative journal set up. Go visit caffeinilicious. Feel free to friend and watch.


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Hi. I've followed the instructions on your other journal and friended you. I'd love to be added.=) {{hugs}}
Yay! I'm glad you're here.
Hi! Name's Franki, and after this comment I will add you like you asked.

If that's okay?
Great! Nice to meet you Franki. I'm Lisa.
hii! i saw you in the friending meme! add me?! we have tons in common :)
Great! Nice to meet you!
Hi! I've seen you around in Heroes related places and you seem awesome, so I'm adding you. :)
Fantastic! I love Heroes. So glad to have you!
You and I have several friends in common and I would love to be added! I am a huge Twilight fan! Anyway...I promise to try and be a good friend! Please add me back! Adding you now!

♥ Kelly
Hey Kelly! Great to have you! Friending back right now! :)
Hello caffeinified. :)
My name is frust-sheep and I saw you often on realynn8 LJ. I would love to be your friend too, because I think we have some things in common like Twilight, Buffy, Roswell, CSI LV/NY, especially Gil Grissom <3 and...of course coffee. :D But who do not love/like coffee. *lol* Oh and I really love your layout and the rain pictures on your profile page. Can I ask you, where did you find them? Because I think , they are really good for frustrated sheeps *lol*

Lovely greetings from frust-sheep. :)

PS: I added you. :)
Hey! We do have things in common. :) I'd love to have you here and get to know you.

Coffee is necessary.

Thank you! I just changed my layout and am quite happy with it. The rain pictures on my profile: the top animated one is made by townebilliards. I found it on google. And the bottom one with the dream quote is made by me! :)

I'll add you right back!
Another Twilight & Roswell & ... fan ;-) I've just friended you, hope you'll add me.
Of course! Always happy to have new friends who like Twilight and Roswell! Adding you now!
Friend pretty please? We have like, 34875 fandoms in common :)
Of course! Friending right now!
It's cape_in_hand. Can you add me here? Sorry for the hassle.
I love how you have your shows on the side of your journal, and I totally stole that for my new journal.<3 I didn't make them all cool and linked, though.
Of course! Added now!

Hii! ^^ Pardon if this seems super random but I found your profile cause I saw you're into sewing! I'm just starting out (as in I just finished my first project, yay), so I was wondering if you'd like to be LJ friends. ^.^

It's okay if you don't post about sewing too much, I like meeting new people and having an interest in common is a good enough reason (at least to me!). Er, let me know! <3 :D

Oh I love random. Yes! Let's be friends now!

I do sew and knit quite a bit so I would love to read about your endeavors!
Hi!! I noticed we have a lot of interests in common, and I love your screen name.
Fantastic! I love new friends. And that photo in your icon is one of my favs!

Excited to get to know you. Friending now!
Hi, I noticed that we have a couple of interests n common and I would love to be friends soooo add me? (:
Of course! Sorry it took me so long. I've been sick.

I look forward to getting to know you!
Hey! I found your journal through a mutual friend. I see that we have other friends in common as well as the same interests. :) Wanna friend?
Hi to you! I'd love to friend and really look forward to getting to know you!
Hey, it's Mercy Mun from Poly and I'd love to friend you!
Yay! *hugs*
We have some common interests (Harry Potter, twilight, musicals, etc), is it OK if I add you as a friend?
Yes! Adding right back! :)
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